Fish Tales

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“It is time to change course together.”

Fish Tales joined in September 2022

Fish Tales was founded from the love for eating and cooking with seafood. We want everyone to be able to enjoy seafood forever. But with the current state of our oceans, that’s not a given.

It is time to change course together. We need to make the right choices. From day one, Fish Tales has only worked with fishing communities who fish with respect for the ocean. By telling their stories we provide everyone with an unique insight into the life of the fishermen, their community and most importantly where the seafood comes from.

We have set strict sourcing criteria which all our products meet. For third party verification, our full assortment is 100% MSC/ASC certified from day one. On top of this, all our tuna is caught with pole and line and the tuna fishery in Indonesia is even Fair Trade certified since 2019.

More about Fish Tales

“Fish Tales is active in multiple European countries and in the United States. In the US we are known as Sea Tales. The company, fisheries and impact is the same. Just with a different name!
Our founder, Bart van Olphen has written multiple award-winning cookbooks about cooking with seafood and the lives of fishing communities.

For more information visit the Fish Tales website.