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    3Keel announced as Secretariat to the Sustainable Seafood Coalition (SSC)

    3Keel has been announced as Secretariat to the Sustainable Seafood Coalition (SSC) from 1st January 2023. The role, previously held by ClientEarth, acts to support the strategic direction of the SSC and facilitate group activities to boost sustainability across the sector.

  • SSC seeks new Secretariat: Invitation to Tender

    The members of the Sustainable Seafood Coalition are inviting organisations to tender for the role of SSC Secretariat. The deadline for tenders is 30th November 2022.

  • Biodiversity is Everyone’s Business: SSC to host a side event at the UN Ocean Conference

    The Sustainable Seafood Coalition is proud to be hosting an official side event at the UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon on 28th June 2022.

  • The SSC calls for clarity and ambition for the future of UK fisheries management

    This week the members of the Sustainable Seafood Coalition submitted a combined response to the Joint Fisheries Statement draft consultation.

  • The SSC and the Global Tuna Alliance join forces to make a stand on high seas biodiversity

    Marine Biodiversity in areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJ) refers to the marine life found in the ‘high seas’, and is known to be a murky and complex topic.

  • Collaborating for better traceability: the SSC endorses the GDST Standards

    The Sustainable Seafood Coalition (SSC) has collectively endorsed the GDST 1.0 Standards and Guidelines for Interoperable Seafood Traceability.

  • 2020 Implementation Report: Members hard at work along their supply chains to improve sustainable sourcing

    The second comprehensive study of the Sustainable Seafood Coalition’s (SSC) Codes of Conduct shows the impact the Codes are having on responsible sourcing and labelling amongst SSC members.

  • SSC members urge Government to put sustainability at heart of Fisheries Bill

    As the Fisheries Bill returns to Parliament, some of the biggest seafood businesses in the UK have come together to call on the UK Government to enshrine sustainable fishing in law following Brexit.

  • Five years on: Progress and opportunities for the Sustainable Seafood Coalition

    In 2011, ClientEarth brought together leading seafood retailers, suppliers, brands and foodservice outlets in the UK to tackle a shared issue: sustainable sourcing and labelling in the seafood industry.

  • SSC seeks consultant to conduct 2020 implementation report

    The members of the Sustainable Seafood Coalition are inviting consultants to tender for their 2020 Implementation Report. The report will assess the implementation of the Codes of Conduct in the sourcing and labelling practices of SSC members.

  • Fishmonger and processor sustainability to be recognised in new award

    Fishmongers and processors across the UK are invited to demonstrate their sustainability credentials in a new award from the Master Fishmonger Standard.

  • Leading UK foodservice wholesaler Bidfood joins SSC

    The Sustainable Seafood Coalition (SSC) has added another foodservice company to its ranks, with the inclusion of one of the UK’s leading foodservice providers Bidfood.

  • UK support helps new Hong Kong Sustainable Seafood Coalition to launch

    Following the success of the Sustainable Seafood Coalition (SSC) in the UK, a similar industry initiative will be launched in Hong Kong, demonstrating how the collaborative model can be replicated around the world.

  • Guest Post: Sea Farms on squid and sustainability

    With only one squid fishery in the world being MSC certified (achieved in May 2018), the term sustainability is not necessarily associated with squid – yet!

  • Guest post: The Happy Prawn Co. on trust, traceability and transparency

    Members of the Sustainable Seafood Coalition have a shared commitment to environmentally responsible sourcing and labelling. However, their businesses are all very different, and the ways that they approach the sustainable seafood landscape can vary.

  • Call for foodservice businesses to source seafood responsibly

    The first comprehensive study of the implementation of the Sustainable Seafood Coalition’s codes of conduct shows the positive impact of the codes since they were agreed on two years ago

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    97% of voluntary claims made by SSC members are clear, consistent and in line with voluntary codes

    The first comprehensive study of the implementation of the Sustainable Seafood Coalition’s codes of conduct shows the positive impact of the codes since they were agreed on two years ago

  • Responsible sourcing: behind the claim

    Whilst the EU has a legal framework on information that must be provided to consumers, additional voluntary agreements can play an important part in changing practices for the better.

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    A new website for the SSC – dive in!

    The Sustainable Seafood Coalition is delighted to unveil our new website. Here we will provide updates on our activities and access to our resources.

  • sustainable seafood coalition video

    The Sustainable Seafood Coalition Video – Spanish Subtitles

    We are supermarkets, restaurants, fishmongers, suppliers, processors and industry representatives working together for sustainable fish and seafood.

  • sustainable seafood coalition video

    The Sustainable Seafood Coalition Video

    We are supermarkets, restaurants, fishmongers, suppliers, processors and industry representatives working together for sustainable fish and seafood.

  • How can seafood businesses find fishery improvement projects?

    Seafood businesses aiming to source responsibly can struggle to find information on projects focusing on fishery sustainability.

  • ‘Sustainability’ must be understood if Seafood Strategy is to work in Wales

    The Welsh Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs has made some inaccurate and misleading claims concerning sustainable seafood.

  • Online petition ignores business commitments to sustainable seafood

    An online petition saying seafood sellers’ claims might be misleading fails to capture the commitments of Sustainable Seafood Coalition (SSC) businesses to harmonise their claims, and source responsibly.

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    Sustainable seafood lessons shared across the Atlantic

    ClientEarth, in its role as Sustainable Seafood Coalition secretariat, is now formally collaborating with the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions.

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    Coders for fish: get ready for Fishackathon

    The Sustainable Seafood Coalition secretariat supports the U.S. State Department-led 2016 Fishackathon, held in over 40 cities globally on 22-24 April.

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    SSC off to a good start in 2016

    The SSC has had a busy start to 2016, gaining visibility at this year’s Seaweb Seafood Summit in Malta, and seeing several members recognised for their leadership and commitment to seafood sustainability.

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    The National Fish and Chip Awards

    The UK’s national fish and chip awards ceremony will be taking place in London on Wednesday, 20 January.

  • european commission

    In support of setting fishing opportunities at sustainable levels

    On 17 September 2015 we sent a letter to the Commission in support of setting fishing opportunities for 2016 at sustainable levels, as legally required under the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).

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    SSC members top tuna league table

    Today Greenpeace has released the results of its 2015 tuna league table. The results show strong leadership from SSC members Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s (placed first to third, respectively).

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    SSC finalist in the Seafood Champion Awards

    The SSC is a finalist in this year’s Seafood Champion Awards. The awards recognise “outstanding leadership in promoting environmentally responsible seafood”.

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    World leaders support sustainability

    In June, heads of the seven most industrialised countries met in Germany for their annual summit. Along with David Cameron and Barack Obama, the ‘G7’ pledged to promote more sustainable supply chains around the world.

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    First new member joins SSC since launch of codes

    On Tuesday 12 May, Fuller’s joins the SSC as its first new member since the launch of the sourcing and labelling codes in September 2014. Fuller’s, the London brewer and pub company, has almost 400 pubs, hotels and inns in England.

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    Pollution considered most significant threat to our seas

    A survey of Europeans has shown that pollution is the greatest concern for the marine environment.

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    North American NGOs unite to discuss seafood sustainability

    In January, the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions, and some additional guests, met in California to discuss the challenges and opportunities for sustainable seafood in North America.

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    Final days of MCS consultation

    On 20 October, the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) launched its consultation period to review its methodology for assessing the sustainability of wild-capture fisheries. The closing date for responses is Monday 1 December 2014.

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    SSC Launch codes

    On Thursday 18 September, members of the Sustainable Seafood Coalition will launch their two codes of conduct.

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    Final days of GSSI public consultation

    The public consultation period for the first draft of the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative’s (GSSI) Global Benchmarking Tool is about to reach its close on Saturday, August 16th.

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    Thank you for your feedback!

    The public feedback period for the draft Codes of Conduct and accompanying guidance has finished. We are grateful for the many questions, suggestions and comments received, and have used them to improve all three documents.

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    Final opportunity for Defra consultations

    The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is currently holding three public consultations on areas relevant to the seafood industry, and the process ends on Monday, 12 May.

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    We are ready for your feedback!

    The Sustainable Seafood Coalition is releasing its draft Codes of Conduct for a six week public feedback period from 29 April until 10 June.

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    The Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative launches new website

    The Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI) has launched a new website this week to provide stakeholders with up-to-date information on its progress

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    European Commission launches a new fish sustainability website

    On 27 January, a new EU-wide campaign about sustainable fish will be officially launched.

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    Fish stock exploitation levels decline

    Exploitation of fish stocks in the Northeast Atlantic has significantly declined over the last ten years.

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    European Commission release a Report on Food Sustainability

    The world is facing food security and nutritional challenges on an unprecedented scale. This report highlights the greatest threats to food security and identifies potential routes toward a sustainable future.

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    Fish feed developments in aquaculture

    On 15 October in St Petersburg, Russia, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations’ (FAO) Aquaculture Sub-Committee agreed to the creation of the Global Aquaculture Advancement Partnership (GAAP).

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    Climate change threatens the world’s oceans

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently released its 5th climate assessment report and it spells bad news for our oceans.

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    Aquaculture Shifting towards Future Sustainability

    Several encouraging events have taken place recently to address environmental problems connected with aquaculture – otherwise known as fish farming. These advancements are increasing the aquaculture industry’s capacity to endure for future generations.

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    Catch Quota Trials in England (2010-2013)

    Following growing public awareness on the issue of discards, combined with progress in the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) reform agreeing to reduce discards from 2015, there are important implications for fisheries management.

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    New EU Standards for Consumer Information

    On June 18, the Fisheries Committee in the European Parliament took a major step and approved the final version of the new regulation on the common organisation of the markets in fishery and aquaculture products (CMO).

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    Labelling code feedback success

    Last month, the six week public feedback period for our voluntary code of conduct on fish and seafood product labelling closed and we are pleased to report that valuable input was received from multiple interested parties.

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    Seafish create a new online resource for seafood standards

    ‘A Guide to Seafood Standards’ allows the UK consumer to easily access, search and compare fish and shellfish certification standards all in one place.

  • trout salad

    Fish Friday: Trout by guest blogger Tom Hunt

    Love smoked fish? Give it a whirl in your own kitchen or buy some ready-smoked for this delicious recipe from chef and forager extraordinaire, Tom Hunt.

  • cod

    British consumers are willing to pay more for line caught fish

    New research has emerged finding that British shoppers are willing to pay an extra 22% for frozen cod and haddock that is labelled ‘line-caught’.

  • red mullet

    Fish Friday: red mullet

    Our friends at Great British Chefs have a host of suggestions for how to make the most of red mullet, a flavourful fish much loved on the continent. Should you bake or grill? Find out here.

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    Give us your feedback on our labelling code

    Please give us your feedback on our Labelling Code! We have written a voluntary code of conduct to make labelling on fish and seafood consistent and easy to understand. We’re seeking feedback on our draft before finalising the code with our members.