Ocean Fish

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“We want to join forces to help protect our oceans. Joining the SSC will mean we’re stronger together.”

Ocean Fish joined in June 2022

Ocean Fish is proud to be a member of the SSC. We understand the importance of responsible seafood sourcing to our customers both now and for the future.

We continually strive to ensure the fish that we catch, process and pack is responsibly sourced, traceable and viable for the communities, environment and countries we source from.

More about Ocean Fish

“Ocean Fish is a family-owned fishing and processing import-export business based in Cornwall. We own a fleet of boats, manage the Newlyn fish market and buy off the Southwest markets which ensures excellent access to all British species. We also pack many imported species.

Our operation is focused on managing responsible fishing practices in the Southwest to ensure the health of the fishing industry for the future.”

For more information visit the Ocean Fish website.