Sirena A/S

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“We need to be part of the solution.”

Sirena A/S joined in September 2022

“Our aim is to be part of a positive movement towards identifying and implementing the most optimal practices to ensure the sustainability and future thriving of the worlds oceans and their ecosystems – sustaining the health of the oceans is highly important not only for the sake of the oceans but for the planet and future generations – we need to be part of the solution, and wish to have a stand and voice on the important matter of sustainability.”

More about Sirena A/S

Sirena Group is a privately owned company based in Copenhagen. The Sirena Group specialises in the global sales and marketing of North Atlantic frozen-at-sea products. The Sirena Group has a turnover in the excess of 500m USD and offices around the world.

For more information visit the Sirena Group website.