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Sustainable Seafood Coalition
Sustainable Seafood Coalition
Sustainable Seafood Coalition

ClientEarth, Icelandic UK, Waitrose, Marks and Spencer, Young’s, BirdsEye Iglo, and FishFight founded the Sustainable Seafood Coalition in 2011. The SSC has since grown significantly, representing all sectors of the seafood supply chain.


3Keel is the Secretariat of the SSC, and is responsible for the administration and coordination of the SSC. This includes facilitating SSC meetings, publishing SSC codes and other materials, and communications to members.


The Secretariat is supported by the Steering Group in prioritising, coordinating and reviewing progress on actions discussed at wider members’ meetings; and formally responding to pressing issues and external enquiries. The Steering Group is comprised of representatives from eight to ten member organisations.

The current SSC Steering Group members are:

  • William Davies (Young’s Seafood)
  • Teresa Fernández (Hilton Seafood UK)
  • Lynne Forman (Associated Seafoods)
  • Ruth Hoban (New England Seafood)
  • Sarah Hussey (Seafresh Group)
  • Louise McCafferty (Joseph Robertson)
  • Ana Nicula (Ocado)
  • Dave Parker (Sainsbury’s)
  • Edward Whittle (Whitby Seafoods)
  • Laky Zervudachi (Direct Seafoods)


We hold members’ meetings several times a year. Members’ priorities and topics brought forward for discussion define our agenda, and align with our aims.

Where more detailed member engagement is required, we form working groups. We invite relevant experts to these meetings to provide technical advice.

Terms of Reference

SSC Terms of Reference
Steering Group Terms of Reference