We are united in a vision for sustainable seafood

The Sustainable Seafood Coalition is a pre-competitive collaboration platform comprised of seafood businesses and organisations from across the seafood value chain. Since 2011, we have been working to ensure a healthy future for our oceans. Our vision is that all seafood sold is from sustainable sources.

Our Members

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    It is the responsibility of all businesses to support sustainable seafood

    You have a duty to source seafood responsibly – it makes good business sense. Supply chain buyers have tremendous leverage to set and promote new norms.

    Many businesses claim their seafood products are ‘sustainably or responsibly sourced’. Before the SSC labelling code, there was little clarity on what these claims meant. The SSC helps to establish consistency on labelling and sourcing within the seafood supply chain.


    Our members are driving real change

    We confront problems head on and aim to influence changes in supply chain practice.

    The SSC is not a certification scheme or an eco-label. Instead, it offers a practical and collaborative way of demonstrating good sourcing practices.


    Better buying decisions mean healthier seas

    As a member, you commit to two codes – the Responsible Sourcing Code and the Environmental Labelling Code. These codes set a benchmark for industry best practice. Whether you’re a small supplier, a restaurant, or a supermarket, you can provide your customers with accurate information and the confidence to make the right choices.


    We believe we can do better together

    Our coalition provides a space for different businesses to come together to find solutions to shared challenges. All members have an equal seat at the table. As a group, our collective leverage helps drive the seafood sustainability agenda.

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