Guest post: The Happy Prawn Co. on trust, traceability and transparency

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Members of the Sustainable Seafood Coalition have a shared commitment to environmentally responsible sourcing and labelling. However, their businesses are all very different, and the ways that they approach the sustainable seafood landscape can vary.

This blog is the first in a series where we’ll be handing the reins over to our members, who will explain their experiences of the coalition in their own words. The series will explore their motivations for joining the SSC, their experiences of implementing the Codes of Conduct and information on projects or initiatives which support them in their pursuit of progress on seafood sustainability. In this blog, Aanisah Idriss shows how The Happy Prawn Co. lives the SSC values of trust, traceability and transparency.

What motivated The Happy Prawn Co. to join the Sustainable Seafood Coalition?

The Sustainable Seafood Coalition is a partnership of UK businesses that shares the same vision: that all fish and seafood sold in the UK comes from sustainable sources.

Although this vision is what ultimately motivated us at The Happy Prawn Co. to join the coalition, the SSC also seeks to promote and uphold the values we believe in too! These are trust, traceability, and transparency.

Our farmers ready to plant mangroves around our ponds

Trust is the heart of The Happy Prawn Co. and likewise the SSC. All members are trusted to uphold the Codes of Conduct which aim to promote responsible seafood production. SSC members either source or produce their products from various parts of the world. So should a consumer purchase one of the listed members products, they can trust that they are contributing towards healthier seas,  not only in the UK but also worldwide.

Following on from trust is traceability. We at The Happy Prawn Co. believe that our customers should know what they are eating! This means that we track each step of our production processes, right from the sea (or farms) to the end customer. So, if there is an issue with any of our products, we can trace it all the way back and identify the cause of the issue. So, by having traceability methods in place, you can trust what you are eating.

Lastly, transparency. We at The Happy Prawn Co. have nothing to hide and firmly believe in being open with our customers. The SSC promotes this too; a commitment to transparency is part of the coalition’s Codes of Conduct. Transparency allows our customers to feel connected to our brand, our mission and our vision. We believe that being transparent not only promotes connectivity but also raises awareness amongst consumers and makes you involved in promoting healthier seas too!

So, those are the reasons why The Happy Prawn Co. has joined the SSC. The SSC promotes a conscious and responsible way of doing business in the seafood industry, and that’s food for thought for next time you’re thinking about buying seafood.

Our happy farmers at a monthly meeting