Fishmonger and processor sustainability to be recognised in new award

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Fishmongers and processors across the UK are invited to demonstrate their sustainability credentials in a new award from the Master Fishmonger Standard. The MFS Sustainability Awards, with categories for both retail shops and seafood processors, rewards those who can demonstrate commitment to sustainable sourcing within their business.

The Sustainability Awards form part of a new suite of awards introduced by the MFS that recognise excellence in the processing and fishmongering sector. These new awards, alongside the certification of the five MFS tiers, will feature at the MFS Awards ceremony to be held on 8 June 2020 at the historic Fishmongers’ Hall.

Fishmongers and processors will submit supporting paragraphs, photos or videos alongside their application before the winner is selected by the MFS’s chief examiner. Entries close on February 24.

The full entry criteria are as follows:

Sustainability – Retail:

To be awarded to a Company.

The applicant must provide a paragraph outlining and evidence of:

  • the Company’s purchasing policy and procedures
  • Instore initiatives for educating consumers on sustainable seafood
  • Support for improving fisheries and aquaculture

Sustainability – Seafood Processor:

The applicant must provide a paragraph outlining and evidence of:

  • the Company’s purchasing policy and procedures
  • Packaging: consumer engagement on sustainability
  • Support for improving fisheries and aquaculture

For more information on these awards please visit the Master Fishmonger website.

The Sustainable Seafood Coalition brings together businesses committed to responsible sourcing and improving the sustainability of seafood bought and sold in the UK. Get in touch at, or use the contact form on our homepage to find out more about membership.