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North American NGOs unite to discuss seafood sustainability

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In January, the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions, and some additional guests, met in California to discuss the challenges and opportunities for sustainable seafood in the US and Canada. The event was the annual general meeting for the Conservation Alliance, a group of 16 North American nonprofit conservation organisations that work on sustainable seafood. Katie Miller, Sustainable Seafood Coalition Coordinator at ClientEarth, was invited to talk about progress in the UK seafood market and to learn more about developments in North America.

The meeting had three types of session: in depth presentations; high-level summary presentations (‘speed-dating’); and discussion groups. Subjects of particular interest were:

  • sustainable seafood business commitments in North America
  • updates from three aquaculture certification schemes
  • information about a data limited fisheries toolkit
  • increasing the visibility of fishery improvement project (FIP) information online

Katie Miller shared with the group how the SSC’s members worked together to create voluntary codes of conduct on responsible sourcing and harmonised labelling. The SSC launched the codes on 18 September and the members are now implementing the codes within their businesses.


Author: Katie Miller; Image: Katie Miller