Offshore Shellfish

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“The SSC provides the ideal platform to project our values to the marketplace.”

Offshore Shellfish Ltd. joined in August 2018

“We cultivate mussels on ropes in one of the first large scale fully offshore farms. We work in harmony with the natural environment, which provides our mussels with the food and habitat they need to grow in the open sea, 6 miles away from the coast. The offshore location enables us to cultivate the mussels at low densities, while also providing habitat and safe refuge for many other types of sea life. Pre-development studies and continued independent monitoring ensure we maintain and improve the quality of our environment. The Sustainable Seafood Coalition provides the ideal platform to project these values to the marketplace.”

More about Offshore Shellfish

Offshore Shellfish, based in Brixham, is a family run business founded by John and Nicki Holmyard, who have been farming mussels for 30 years. The offshore farms were started in 2013 in Lyme Bay, Devon, and promise to be the largest in Europe once fully developed. BAP certified annual mussel production will rise to 10,000 tones, with employee numbers increasing from 17 to 70.

For more information visit their website.