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The Sustainable Seafood Coalition is releasing its draft Codes of Conduct for a six week public feedback period beginning on Tuesday, 29 April. The SSC is a proactive cross industry group aiming to improve seafood sustainability in the UK. The SSC has written two voluntary Codes of Conduct and a Guidance document, which gives advice on best practice. The draft documents have been agreed by our members and have now been released for a six week feedback period, closing on Tuesday, 10 June. Please return the feedback form to with your organisation’s name saved in the title.

The Sourcing Code

The agreement of the Sourcing Code is a huge achievement for the SSC and once implemented will work to benefit the environment, the fishing industry and consumers. This Code aims to improve the standard of fisheries and aquaculture practices through the influence of the SSC members, who account for a large proportion of the seafood supply chain in the UK. The Sourcing Code commits SSC members to follow general good practice and to perform a risk assessment of all fish and seafood they source.

The Labelling Code

The Labelling Code is designed to work in harmony with the Sourcing Code, ensuring that any self-declared claims on fish and seafood products is consistent, clear and meaningful across all SSC members. This will help consumers to make informed choices when purchasing seafood products from SSC members which, in turn, will directly influence the entire seafood sector.

Next steps

ClientEarth, as secretariat of the SSC, will collate the feedback and present it to SSC members. All feedback will be considered and, if necessary, amendments will be made before the final sign off and implementation by the members. The final agreed Codes will be available to download on this website.

Author: Sam Reynolds  Image: Thomas Tolkien