Seafresh Group

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“By joining the SSC, we will be contributing to driving positive change.”

Seafresh Group joined in January 2018

“Whether our products originate from fisheries or aquaculture, our goal is to select and develop supply sources that are well managed and achieve independent certifications that confirm their responsible management and sustainability. We are committed to providing transparency throughout our supply chains and ensuring they are slavery free.

We believe that by joining the SSC, we will be contributing to driving positive change. We understand the magnitude of challenges facing the industry and it is by collaboration and initiatives such as the SSC voluntary code of conduct that provide a platform by which to bring about real and lasting change.”

More about Seafresh Group

Seafresh Group produces and distributes seafood products, specialising in shellfish and in particular shrimp.

With over 3,000 employees, the Seafresh group comprises of: Seafresh Industry in Thailand, Sea Farms UK, Blue Earth Foods (UK), Sea Farms USA, Belize Aquaculture, and Sea Farms Nutrition (UK).

In 2018, Seafresh Industry was awarded a Sustainability Award of Honour by the Stock Exchange of Thailand for the best performance in its category for 3 consecutive years.

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